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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 6, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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on top of 10,000 to 15,000 pounds of jet fuel that's actually kerosene. >> when you were asking if there was an explosion or not. she said she actually saw one of his pilots eject. she never heard an explosion and then many, many beats later, heard a boom, a beat later, another boom. presumably the kerosene and the buildings and not at all the plane. you see the plane, the tail is upside down. i want to go back to something you said. and i wrote this down, they were not high enough to have choices. i know a pilot ultimately wants to have a choice, if in fact you want to have trouble. i imagine you want to avoid populated areas, goodness, you want to avoid an apartment complex. do you even think they had time to look down in terms of where they were in terms of above
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apartment complexes, or they had no choice? >> i guarantee you they had no time and no choice. every pilot makes their own decision about their moral considerations, what are you going to do in this situation, the wing man mentality is to look out for the people in the airplane and the people on the ground. i promise you that had they had choices and time, and they were able to -- >> i want to bring in chad myers, chad's got a question for you. >> tell me a little bit, you talked about what was going through the pilot's mind. describe a pilot who knows his plane is not going to fly anymore. what's the thought process, and i'm sure you think about four minutes worth of things in about four seconds. what is that process like when
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you're in a plane? >> it's one of the most unique processes in the world. i have to say in my case, i'm long since being a navy pilot, but it shaped the rest of my life because it put every challenge into sequential order and in this case, in milliseconds. so the training, the navy pilot training is issue based. every flight they spring something on you so that you have to decide and take your queues, each set of those decisions that you reach draws you to an inescapable conclusion. this is my decision, i must act. if you look back at the "top gun" movie, one phrase in there, up there we don't have time to think, we have to react. you are schooled and trained to
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react properly. it's a very unforgiving day, you make your choice and you execute. >> we appreciate your expertise, going back to your -- they were not high enough to have choices. max, thank you, chad stand by, here we are at the top of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin, since we have been following this--people being told there's a press conference happening now. i'm assuming we have to cut away here. >> we saw out front, you can see the tent out there, was it something, was that meant for maybe a triage unit or something you guys expected to have more patients coming in here? >> i had it set up and it was for the potential decontamination of folks, so we set that up in preparation, so far that's not been necessary. >> talk about, obviously for a hospital, this is something you guys probably train on or
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practice for a situation, how long does it take to turn the er into maybe a triage? >> you're exactly right, we drill for these types of events several times a year, it enables us to set up quickly. essentially in 20 minutes we have our command center set up, we're evaluating information we're determining from the scene and we're able to set things up in preparation. >> were any of the these patients brought in critical? >> no. >> how lucky is that, we're talking about a jet landing into an apartment complex. really fortunate. >> it would certain i appear that way, i have not seen the actual scene obviously. but yes. >> that's the latest here from dr. thames from virginia beach hospital. >> you're hearing presumably some sort of hospital official in the virginia beach area. when you look at the damage and the smoke and the tops of some
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of these apartment buildings just absolutely demolished. the fact that the three people that were taken to the hospital, at least the three that we know of so far, none of them were critical. t one of them was the pilot and the other two were people that were on the ground. this f-18 hornet crashing into this apartment building just about an hour and a half, two hours ago. amy miller, she too is on the phone with me. i understand that you work at a cleaners on this particular road. it's bird knack road for people who know virginia beach. when you heard there was trouble, you happened to be outside, when you look up, what did you see? >> we were standing out in front of the building, and we heard a plane and what i saw was a plane
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very low, coming down at an angle with flames under the right wing. flames under the right wring, this is new because we haven't heard yet. describe how large the flames were. >> not very large, just enough where you would be able to see that there was a problem. >> flameses under the right wing. >> i would have been looking at the plane from behind, coming down at a tilted angle. because it was coming from the east toward the ocean front. >> what about the pilots, did you happen to see one or both the pilot and the back seater ejecting? >> i saw them eject, i saw one a little more clearly than the other because i actually seen him eject and the parachute opened and he went off to the right of where the plane actually went down. >> he went to the.
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>> by this time, i had dropped everything, was running up the street towards the scene, because my building is very close to that and my family had just dropped me off. i had to go make sure everything was okay. >> it's literally arrange the corner from where i've been, this happened in the middle of both my home and my job. a block either way from my home and work. >> from what i understand, it's spring break. so you had kids home?
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>> one of our customers here at the store is a teacher. from what i hear, everybody's okay, so that's good news but we haven't been able to get them on the phone. >> that's the question, is everyone accounted for in these buildings. chad myers, he's flown f-18s. >> i just want to get this out, because it has been tweeted a number of times, why the pilot may have gone where he did, isa there is a school in the area, is that true? >> there is a school over in the area, over here by first colonial. >> some of the tweets were saying the possibility that he had to turn slightly to the right. i'll show everybody the flight path in a little bit on google earth. could this plane have been in that general vicinity of the school had the pilot not taken this type of turn?
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>> that's certainly it could have been. as i said, from where i was standing, i just know it came from the east, headed toward the ocean front. and when i looked up, i knew it was going to bad. i knew it was bad. and it's a miracle that it hit where it hit, and kind of went into the building after it landed. i don't think it actually hit the building, if i'm correct on that and i'm standing there looking at the scene, 100 jar 0, if that. but it didn't hit the building. >> witnesses are saying that the nose was up as it approached the ground. >> i don't think so, no. i was across the street and under it. when i looked up, it was coming down at a tilted to the right angle. i wouldn't say nose up. >> tilted to the right. >> the whole plane was tilted to the right and that's why i could
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see the flames underneath the right wing. >> that is amazing because the plane landed to the right of a straight shot of the run way. >> it tilted to the right and i could see those flameses. and when they ejected, they went off toward the right of that. and i was thinking that was probably a good thing. >> it's amazing things and when you look, i'm looking again at this apartment complex, you say you know it very well. do you know, amy, is it a lot of families, military folks, elderly folks? >> this is one of the smaller, out of all these complexes over here, this is one of the smaller places that are known to have older folks live there. i know there's some children, i happened to be standing there watching a lady and her daughter coming out carrying clothes and whatever else they could get. but they were fine. i did not see a bunch of people being carried out with injuries
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and things like that. it seemed to be well controlled, quick responses, everybody willing to help, everybody from this neighborhood and these shops over here and the surrounding complexes, you know, all just there in shock and willing to help where they could. but everything was really put together, it seems. >> and then it goes back down to where it was. >> a tremendous response from virginia beach, from fire and police. >> amy miller, i'm glad you're okay, i'm glad your family's okay. it's interesting that she was describing this particular plane coming down, that was the first time we have heard at all fire on one of the wings. i have barbara starr, i know she's standing by. we're going the get a quick break in, but she's standing by, she knows a lot about these particular fighter jets and
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all right, in case you're just joining us hire, we have been covering breaking news out of virginia beach, virginia. you see these aerial pictures of what used to be this multibuilding apartment complex, a lot of it has been just demolished as a result of this crash. around 12:30 eastern time, this fighter jet, coming out of oceania naval air station, one of the fighter pilots in the air for maybe 60 seconds and just had to react. it was that quick. ultimately both the pilot and
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the back seater pulled the ejection handle this pilot very apologetic for crashing into this apartment complex. it's been a tremendous response from virginia beach, ems, fire, they're still on the scene. think of all of the kerosene coming from the fighter jet there, they have been having to cover that with foam just to mitigate all the damage there. barbara starr is at the pentagon. i spoke with one of those witnesses and it's the first time that i had heard the description when see sees the f-18, going through the air, she said it was a small fire, but fire on the right wing. what does that tell you? >> what we're learning, what
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several of your guests have said, we're also confirming now, that this plane tocrashed very shortly after taking off. and her description of that turning away to the right -- >> banking to the right. >> we are going to learn that these pilots facing this incredible emergency were trying to make sure they didn't crash anywhere near that school where there were children. what we're hearing is a tremendous response from the community. just to look at that video you saw a few minutes earlier, a number of young men coming to help the firefighters, moving those heavy water hoses out of the way. just jumping in and helping where they could with those firefighters trying to put the fire out. you talk to hospital personnel,
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they were set up within minutes with a potential triage. thank goodness they didn't need it. but what you see is the kind of community response that you see in so many places in this country these days, in an emergency, people coming together and helping. defense secretary leon panetta, they were informed within minutes of this situation. they are continuing to monitor it. it looks thankfully a small number of injured people, still waiting for the final word that they have rescued everybody who needs rescuing. there will be a major investigation into what happened here. oceania is a heavily populated area, we see this residential area, and many years ago the base closure commission t part of the federal government that tries to look at shutting down military bases had warned about
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development around oceanea. this was back in 2003, 2005, they had warned that development was getting close to the airfield and the military and the pentagon would have to think about moving the fighter squadron. a lot of poll fiitics came into play, maybe economic development would be hurt in the community. politics won out, many will tell you and the squadron stayed. this is a continuing problem across the country these days. there is enroachment, there is.
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>> na >>. >> hitting home this, kind of incident, this kind of mishap is very rare, what is the track record for some of these training exercises, some of these planes coming out of oceania, it must be very rare. >> i was thinking back, the last thing i can remember was in southern california, i believe in san diego, i believe it was a marine corps aircraft also ran into trouble very quickly in the air and it crashed into a home, sadly several members of that family were killed. it was a terrible tragedy in that situation. that's the last one i can remember. and what it really goes to is the training that military pilots have to do everything they can to avoid hitting civilian areas when they run into trouble. as chad pointed out, or your
12:20 pm
previous guests, military pilots are trained within a second of takeoff if not earlier, they continually think about all their what, ands and but, what if, what if i have an emergency. these crewmembers were faced with disasters. they were able to think their way through, do what they could. we don't know how bad it got for them. but they were able to eject. by all accounts we don't have a wider tragedy. >> a picture taken from one of the eyewitnesses and the picture of one ejection seat. as you talk about how these pilots really just have to train to react. they don't always have the time to think, especially when they're taking off and landing. if they possibly banked
12:21 pm
right and we don't know until we hear from the pilots themselves. >> i think we should also dry a little bit of an analogy to the pilots flying in combat. this is how they have trained that has served them in afghanistan, in iraq and in other wars. they suddenly get hit, it's very close to disaster, this is the training that take takes them t and hopefully brings them back. >> the jobs report out today, not terrible, not great. we're going to break down some of those numbers if you haven't seen it. we're going to talk to allison kosik in new york next. i love that my daughter's part fish.
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let's talk jobs here on this friday afternoon, now that the push to get americans back to work, the jobless rate has joped dren. first this number, 120,000 new jobs last month. and the rate of unemployment, it did inch downward, all the way down to 8.2%. keep in mind it came down from 8 8.3%. is this a one-month blip? here's the president. >> it is clear to every american that there be still be ups and downs along the way and we have got more work to do. >> so you look at december, you look at january, you look at
12:25 pm
february, the economy's churning out jobs and you look at the last month, so what happened? >> you saw that strength in job creation, those three moves that you mentioned. and we find out last month, that it was a huge disappointment, a real big miss. fed chairman ben bernanke may have been on to something when he showed a little skepticism when job growth has been strong and almost too strong and it may not be sustainable. that's what we're seeing in today's number, that 100,000 number. we average about 250,000 job gains in those numbers. now we're at that 120,000 mark and that's barely enough to keep up with the people coming into the job market. what's really happening is we're treading water, we're not moving forward, we're not moving backward. b we're treading water.
12:26 pm
>> tell me something significantly positive in here. >> you see the job losses in the government sector. those are slowing. the government cut only 1,000 jobs. that marks a big milestone because the government has been bleeding jobs for a few years now, also we saw big job additions in manufacturing, in professional services, in restaurants, in bars, in each of those sectors, you saw 30,000 jobs added there. you just have to see more jobs added to keep up with population growth. >> i want to go back to the breaking story here, this f-18, crashing in virginia beach. we're going to hear from another eyewitness after this quick break.
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this apartment complex, you see the smoke, you see all the foam because of the fuel that came out of this f-18 fighter jet crash that happened almost three hours ago. the police, and the firefighters and the ems are reporting there are no fatalities. three people, including one of the pilots -- one of those individuals we know is in the hospital, including others who presumably were there on the scene and none of them has life-threatening injuries. as we continue to cover the story, we have heard a lot from our afi filfill yachts, kobe sms
12:31 pm
home in his apartment, he heard this loud boom, the crash, looked out the window and saw what you're looking at here, runs outside, finds one of the injured pilots on the ground, take a listen. i saw the whole house shaking and i looked out my bedroom window, i saw this red and orange just flashing, like a crackling noise and i'm like, what is that? and then i heard this pop, pop, pop, so then i ran downstairs, five steps at a time, at the billowing black smoke. then i ran over to my friend's house who is ems. and then i saw the bloodstre
12:32 pm
bloodstreaming out of his face. the pilot was really heavy, he must have weighed 200 pounds. me and three other guys picked him up and carried him to the street. i got so much blood on me which is still hoping to wash off. but i just stood there, taking. >> we're also hearing from pat cavanaugh who is retired from the ems. he describes coming across one of these pilots still in the wreckage strapped into part of that ejection seat. >> i was in the apartment and i heard this three big, loud, booms.
12:33 pm
>> it didn't hit the building plus all the smoke, so we had to get a bunch of neighbors together to get them out of the air and pick them up and take them to safety. >> was he able to speak at all? >> he apologized very much for mitting our complex. i said don't worry about it, let's just get you out of here and get use to safety. >> did he appear to have any other injuries? >> i did a quick once over, like i said i'm retired ems, and so
12:34 pm
we just picked him up and dragged him across the parking lot away from the fire. >> there was a second person in that airplane, did you see that second person come out? >> we didn't see the other pilot, and i didn't know exactly where the plane had crashed. we knew we had gas lines in the milling -- we heard secondary explosions going on, i don't know if that was fuel, gas lines in the apartment or what. >> when the pilot came down, he was still -- >> that's unusual because they generally separate from those. they were taking off. >> you had something on his lower half of his body, something heavy because he was heavy. >> and you and some neighbors were able to get him out? >> picked him up, dragged him to the other side of my apartment complex, away from the flames
12:35 pm
until we could get more people and ems on the scene to strap him up and take him out. >> he was talking about this pilot essentially apologizing for hitting this apartment complex, and what we have learned from the lay of the land, we have learned that not too far from this apartment complex there was a school. so they missed the school, hit the apartment complex and we now have three people in the complex with nonlife-threatening injuries. we have the mayor, who spoke with affiliate wtkr. he said, really for folks in this area, this is the worst fear realized. >> it's something i prayed every day would not happen. but it has. i will sit back and say to you that our police and ems and fire have done an outstanding josh.
12:36 pm
the navy is sending out some folk trucks that will get this toxic smoke cut down quickly and that will allow us to get our people into a search. >> and assessments of virginia beach, another eyewitness, his flame is john, binterviewed by our affiliate wabc. >> i looked up and i can hear, like three booms, either the engine was blowing out or he was trying to refire the engine.
12:37 pm
>> i instantably smelled jet fuel. and i jumped in my truck and got here. >> and john, we were talking about how you actually went closer to the scene, what did you see when you got closer out there? >> i seen where the can my, where he ejected in the canopy and the people's garden. i looked up and i could see where the actual canopy had truck the apartment to one side from where the plane hit. i looked down and i could see the canopy laying on the fence. >> again to reiterate, it's just absolutely amazing, given the smoke and fire, good to report
12:38 pm
no deaths, three people with nonlife-threatening injuries. a mother of five beaten in her own home in california. we're going to examine whether it was a hate crime at all that's next. customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello ? ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense. if you want a luxury car with a standard power moonroof, your options are going to be limited. ♪ if you want standard leather-trimmed seats,
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vrj r. we told you about the iraqi born mother of five who was severely beaten in her california home. she died days later after being taken off life support. her teenaged daughter made this impassioned plea after finding her mother and also finding a threatening note. here was the daughter. >> you took my mother away from me, you took my best friend away
12:42 pm
from me? why did you do it? that eels a that's all i want to do, answer me that. we're speechless, she's such an innocent woman. why did you do that? she's a housewife, she's innocent, she hasn't hurt anybody. you know, she's the mother of five. why did you do it? i mean i found her on the floor, drowned in her own blood with a letter next to her head saying, go back to your country, terrorist. >> so she mentions a letter, turns out that letter wasn't the original. it was a photocopy, according to police who filed it in the report to obtain a search warrant. >> i understand in victim, this mother of five was thinking of divorcing her husband, what do the details in this affidavit --
12:43 pm
>> there's legal paper work that suggested she was out to begin divorce proceedings against her husband. >> so she was to begin divorce proceedings against her husband, what else? >> i think that was something they found in the affidavit when they went and such searched the house and the threatening note that has been much talked about and led the investigators.
12:44 pm
>> she was upset that she was going to be in an arranged marriage with a does sung. >> you're talking about the daughter? >> yes, the daughter, fatima and there was an incident where the mother had been called to come and get her, she had been in a parked car with a 20-year-old man. they ask to come and get her. when they're driving down the street at 35 miles an hour, she jumps out of the car, ends up hospitalized from this incident. is unwilling to talk to the police, according to these according to records, but had told paramedics that she was upset over this arranged
12:45 pm
marriage. >> there's this text message, the text message was being sent around the time she was injured. the detective will find out, tell them can't talk. >> it's a typical search warrant, affidavit. they went through the whole house, they're looking for an earring that was missing, the mother apparently normally wears four or five earrings and one
12:46 pm
was missing. it was a pretty broad reaching search warrant, they were searching her car, her husband's car, that's typical in a homicide investigation. so that's what we have. the police have been very tight lipped about this investigation. they gave a news conference on march 6, but they really have not said much. they have been looking at this as a hate crime and they were looking into other leads as well. >> where is the family now? are they still in california? are they in iraq. >> the husband, the daughter and the family's oldest son went to iraq late last week to the mother's funeral. they told the spokesperson they
12:47 pm
intended to be there a couple of weeks. >> laura wingard. laura, i appreciate it very much. want to bring you back here to virginia beach, to continue our coverage of thisbreaking news story. we have just received a picture of the jet in the air. look at this. the jet in the air in the background of this image, blue skies, taking off -- after taking off from oceania. this particular report coming from an i-reporter. we're going the talk to one of the first people on the scene in in crash. be right back. of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first. get more whole grain than any other ingredient... just look for the white check.
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we have been talking about this particular scene and this is the first image that fighter taking from naval air station at 12:30 eastern time today and this is the first picture we have, you know, it seems all systems go. it appears fine and now we know not too much longer after this picture was taken it crashed into an apartment building, a complex from eyewitnesses i talked to and folks in the complex, elderly folks, families and veterans there in this virginia beach, virginia, neighborhood. got news as far as injuries, though. we've been reporting three, and now upped that number as six. six people injured, that includes the pilot, the backseater from the fa 18 fighter jet and non-life-threatening injuries.
12:51 pm
i want to bring in now a number of folks on the ground civilians responding, helping move this fire hose around. the response is pretty tremendous and i'm sure van applegate saw this with his own two eyes and he's one of the photographers from wtkr, one of the first people, van, i understand, on the scene there. tell me what was the first thing you saw when you rolled up? >> reporter: yeah, broke. photojournalist and i were the first on the scene here, and i've got to tell you that the smoke was so choking, thick, black, oily smoke, the kind of which unless you've been around a jet fuel fire is really indescribable. children crying, people screaming, mass confusion which is totally understandable in a situation like this. one thing that is so unique to this area is these people are no strangers to jets flying above their roof. the fact that they had no warning, you would look up at a
12:52 pm
jet if you live in that area, you are used to jets flying over and, unfortunately, today it's really the worst fear for people that live here in oceana. >> van, are you still on the screen? >> i am. i am north of this crash, looking at what's left of the complex and just the outer shell of the building we're looking at. i don't know what pictures you're seeing at, but what i'm looking at right now is the skeleton of a building which appears to have held at least six single apartments, and it's just windows blown out. the roof is completely gone and all i'm looking at is the charred exoskeleton of this building. >> we are looking at pictures from your tv station, wtkr. let me ask you, since you're there right now. are the flames gone? have they put the fire out and now it's simply as you describe the exoskeleton of these buildings? >> reporter: from my vantage point the flames are gone.
12:53 pm
the fire department seem a little more relaxed than they did about an hour ago. 45 minutes ago we saw foam flying around, bubble foam that they put on a jet crash flames and that appears to have been cited as well. the sun has come out and it was cloudier earlier, and for all intents and purposes it's a beautiful day now and the flames are gone. >> in terms from what we heard, it looks to be a number of different buildings in this apartment complex. fire and ems it looks to be five buildings that were in some shape or form damaged, and my question was are all of the people who were here, and this was lunchtime, kids are home. it's spring break. is everyone accounted for, do you know? >> reporter: that i cannot speculate to at this time. i do know that at an earlier press conference they said that they were sending in search and rescue crews to try to account for those people. i have not been to a press conference where i've heard
12:54 pm
otherwise, but i do know the fire department and the police are doing everything they can at this point and they did a terrific job. if i can, i want to point out the folks in virginia beach came out and they helped this fire department in ways that were just heroic. i don't know if you saw the video, 20-some, 50-some people came out to help with hoses and it was really just incredible. >> final thought to you. i know you've been tweeting a lot about this story that you were sent to cover, and i just want to read one of your tweets, van. you tweeted, the most horrific event i have ever covered. so raw. so close to home. how so? >> it is close to home for me. i live in an apartment complex less than a quarter of a mile from here, and my -- you know, this could have been my apartment, brooke. i live in this area. i'm proud to call it home. we often say the sound of freedom is the price you pay to live here. you see jets crossing over your home. it's nothing new to these people. they're used to hearing these
12:55 pm
jets, and it's in the back of your mind. >> what could happen. >> and today obviously, it did it, unfortunately. >> van applegate, we appreciate you and the other photojournalists on scene helping us get these pictures so we can tell the story. thank you, van, so, so much. i do want to move along ask talk about the story out of new orleans. we have new audio of former new orleans saint assistant coach gregg williams telling players to injure the opposing team. coming up next we'll play this tape for you and also talk to former nfl player corey wire about the controversy. we'll be right back. wow!
12:56 pm
this story about the saints, the
12:57 pm
nfl's new orleans saints today has gotten even worse. i know you heard about the bounties, the bounties on opposing players. hurt an opponent and win a jackpot. now we have the voice of the coach himself. the guy who ran this maim-for-money sweepstakes. i want you to listen to gregg williams. he's instructing his troops before a playoff game. >> we're going to kill the [ bleep ] head. every single one of you, before you get off the pile, affect the head. early, affect the head. continue. touch and hit the head. >> wow. affect the head. touch and hit the head. kill the head. chilling words especially when you consider the fact that the nfl is facing all kinds of lawsuits concerning head injuries. in fact, we talked head injuries before corey wire, former nfl linebacker. welcome. >> thank you. >> when you hear this sound,
12:58 pm
what's your reaction? >> this audiotape is a glaring example of the type of attitude and mentality that used to exist in the nfl and in football and i say used to because it can't any longer. what's.surprising is that this sort of vernacular is common place all across the country. >> you hear it from the first time you put on a helmet your coach says rip their heart out and eat it. it's the intent to have a big hit and the intent to injure. that's when a line is crossed. >> but do they say this? take a listen. >> kill the head and body will die. kill the head and the body will die. we've got to do everything in the world to make sure we kill frank gore's head. we need to find out in the first two series of the game. the little wide receiver number 10, about his concussion.
12:59 pm
we need to put a [ bleep ] lick on him right now. he has no idea what he's in for. when he's on the sidelines we gotta turn that [ bleep ] over, turn their coaches over, turn the spectators over and get that [ bleep ] on the sidelines. we need a to decide whether crabtree wants to be the [ bleep ] primadonna or he wants to be the tough guy. >> you hear the specificity.he's talking about specific blares and acl, knee, he says go after them. that is shocking to me. >> it is shocking. >> you were shocked by hearing this? >> yes. this is the mentality that has existed, but the game of football is in a state of evolution. what we know now with brain trauma, head injury, the decreased life span of an average nfl players is 20 years ss